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Default Re: Your Worst GMing Moments

Sunday, from my GURPS Wasted West game:

I was sitting on the couch with a small white-board in my lap, holding it up so the players could see it. I had drawn the map of the bar they were following some Black Hats into.
I was at the limits of my artistic ability with some stick-figures so, I was putting the first initial of each player above their stick-figure, and I was getting pretty adept at writing letters upside down . . ..

Me: "I'm kinda proud that I can write an 'S' upside down."
MonkeyFist: *Begins laughing uncontrollably*
Me: "What?"
MF: "You moron! It's the same thing!"
Party: *Howles of derisive laughter*
Me: *checks by drawing an "S" upside down* "You're right!"
Party: *Laughter continues as I realize what an idiot I've been.*
MF: *Inapropriate family-unfriendly quote from Super Milk-Chan.*
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