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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Seems I missed him the first time around.


Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake.
Occupation: College student with an accountant curriculum, adventurer.
Identity: Secret.
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Other Aliases: None.
Place of Birth: Fort Washington, Long Island, New York.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: William Robert (father), Madeline Beatrice (mother); Ronnie (brother).
Base of Operations: New York City.
Group Affiliation: X-Men.
History: Robert Drake is a mutant, one of the mutant alumni of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters known as the X-Men. Alongside the other X-Men, he attends classes at Empire State University, pursuing a career as a CPA.

Bobby discovered his mutant powers when they manifested at puberty. He worked to keep them secret, but when the Xavier Institute went public as a mutant academy, his parents enrolled him there. While there, he honed his powers to the point where he could obscure his identity by forming a flexible ice sheath around him. Professor Xavier believes that Bobby has the potential to turn his entire body into ice, but that Bobby's own lack of imagination is holding him back.

Bobby is not on good terms with his brother Ronnie, who, while a year younger than Bobby, has not to date exhibited any mutant powers. Bobby jokes that Ronnie is jealous of the publicity Iceman and the X-Men get, but deep inside he feels that Ronnie is actually resentful of not being one himself.
Height: 5' 8".
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown.
Strength Level: Iceman possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.
Known Superhuman Powers: Iceman's powers consist of two separate yet interrelated powers. He has the ability to affect the ambient temperatures, dropping the temperature as low as 100 Kelvin (although he usually doesn't go below -40 Fahrenheit), and the ability to manipulate moisture; even the ambient moisture in the desert is sufficient, although this makes his powers more difficult to control.

Iceman is able to manipulate these effects to create and shape frost, snow, and ice. Parlor tricks include producing a cooler full of ice for the many parties on campus, chilling warm drinks instantly, and creating fancy ice sculptures at will. More practical effects include the creation of ice slides, enabling him to skate at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour, forming and projecting a number of ice weapons (treat any weapon formed as its equivalent from pp. B271-4 made from "cheap" materials), encasing his body in a sheath of ice, and encasing people in blocks or manacles made of ice. His ice formations tend to be fairly simple in design, more utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing.

To date, he has not learned to use his moisture power separate from his cold power, although he is able to produce waves of cold without adding frost to it.
Disabilities: Iceman has a paralyzing fear of fire.

555 points
ST 11 [10]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 12 [20].
Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24; HP 11 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP 12 [0]; Basic Speed 6 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Ice Slide Move 48 [0].
Advantages: Binding (Ice Block) 10 (Engulfing, +60%; Hazard: Freezing, +20%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%; Alternative Attack, x1/5) [7]; Cold/Ice Talent 4 [20]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Control Ice/Snow (Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [120]; Create Ice/Snow 10 (Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [80]; Crushing Attack (Snowball Barrage) 2d-1 (Cone, 2yd, +70%; Increased Range, 1/2D Range Only, x2, +5%; Jet, +0%; Rapid Fire, RoF 20, +150%; Selectivity, +10%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%; Alternative Attack, x1/5) [6]; Damage Resistance (Ice Sheath) 4 (Can't Wear Armor, -40%; Flexible, -20%; Link, -10%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [6]; Enhanced Move (Ice Slide) 2 (Road-Bound, -50%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [12]; Fatigue Attack (Frost Beam) 5d (Accurate, +3, +15%; Aura, +80%; Cone, 1yd, +60%; Damage Modifier: Freezing Hazard, +20%; Jet, +0%; Selectivity, +10%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [133]; Flight (Ice Slide) (Low Ceiling: 30 ft, -10%; Requires Surface, -20%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [20]; Impaling Attack (Ice Dagger) 5d (Armor Divisor (0.5), -30%; Homing +3, +52%; Increased Range, x5, +20%; Rapid Fire, RoF 5, +70%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%; Alternative Attack, x1/5) [16]; Lightning Calculator [2]; Single-Minded [5]; Slippery 5 (Link, +10%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [9]; Temperature Control 10 (Cold, -50%; Elemental: Cold/Ice, -10%; Mutant, -10%) [15].
Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Hero's) [-5]; Indecisive (15) [-5]; Odious Personal Habit (Cracks Inappropriate Jokes) [-5]; Overconfidence (12) [-5]; Pacifism (Cannot Kill) [-15]; Phobia (Pyrophobia: Fire) (6) [-10]; Secret Identity (Serious Embarrassment) [-5]; Wealth (Struggling) [-10].
Quirks: Natural Flirt [-1]; Speed Freak [-1].
Skills: Accounting (H) IQ [4] – 10; Artist (Sculpting) (H) IQ [4] – 10; Axe/Mace (A) DX+1 [4] – 13; Boating/TL8 (Motorboat) (A) DX [2] – 12; Brawling (E) DX+2 [4] – 14; Current Affairs/TL8 (Headline News) (E) IQ [1] – 10; Driving/TL8 (Halftrack) (A) DX [2] – 12; Driving/TL8 (Motorcycle) (A) DX [2] – 12; Economics (H) IQ-1 [2] – 9; Finance (H) IQ-1 [2] – 9; Games/TL8 (Video Games) (E) IQ+2 [4] – 12; Innate Attack (Beam) (E) DX+2 [4] – 14; Innate Attack (Projectile) (E) DX+2 [4] – 14; Law (Tax Laws) (H) IQ-2 [1] – 8; Mathematics/TL8 (Pure) (H) IQ [4] – 10; Mathematics/TL8 (Statistics) (H) IQ [4] – 10; Skating (H) HT+2 [12] – 14; Skiing (H) HT+2 [12] – 14; Speed-Reading (A) IQ [2] – 10; Typing (E) DX [1] – 12; Weather Sense (A) IQ [2] – 10; Wrestling Sport (A) DX+1 [4] – 13.
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