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Default Re: [Banestorm] Female Adventurers

I suspect that such chauvinism would be blown away in short order in a world where working supernatural powers exist and don't favor a particular sex. Just as I think that faith-based arguments wouldn't hold up very well in a world where you could know the unknowable by casting a spell or asking your god. If just about anybody could turn out to be a sorcerer, prophet, etc., then I imagine that "has powers/doesn't have powers" would quickly precipitate out as the dominant social dispute and dilute most lesser disputes to background noise. Such powers aren't like money, muscles, or skills, which can be developed by almost anyone and/or denied to certain individuals. They're innate and intrinsic.

I could be wrong, but I imagine that if the patriarchies that bred chauvinism here on Earth could have been wiped out in one generation by a ticked-off sorceress with a death spell, they wouldn't have lasted very long. And if magic existed to ease childbirth, feed kids, and so forth, even the shaky biological arguments for chauvinism would erode rather quickly.

At least IMY ("in my Yrth"). :)
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