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Default Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]

Points for Mars:

Peter gets three points in Yaka training, assign them how you wish.

Peter has the bumped IQ, Selfless, and Skinny we talked about.

Peter gets five points for saving Armstrong, Williamson, and Fort Roberts.

Do you want to put that point in administration before you do the stuff in Thuroma? That sounds like an administration roll.

There have been no additional raids, but no word from the United States either. Kyridos is impatient for news from the divine realm, and has an enormous stack of messages for Peter to memorize. He's very happy to get the messages from the divine realm back... even if they're not for him.

(I'm not sure what 'teams' you are referring to, could you explain)

luck is required to be home for Christmas, but its enough. His parents are delighted to have him for christmas. His mother wants to know when he can control when he travels. His father checks how he is doing on his school work... its been months now. They tell him they won't be reporting that he came back until they're sure he can stay, and to try and to keep a low profile.

His father has him go through the new magic (Its just Yaka at this point, right?) He expresses concern at how violent it is "Are you getting shot at? Promise me you won't rely on this to run through bullets."

His parents aren't sure what to get him for Christmas, but they've added books to his room: Atlas's, history books, survival guides.

The evening of the 23rd, he dreams... he dreams of an office, and a sheet of paper lying out. The Paper has his name on it. And a picture of him. and his parents address.
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