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Default Re: GURPS Character Assistant Updated to Version 5

As per Steven Marsh's post over here, GCA 5.0.218 is now available at Warehouse 23.

I release notes by the build over at my GCA5 blog while I work, so exactly what's new in this release is everything that was noted since the previous release.

This time around is mostly some bug fixes and accessibility improvements, but here are various new things that may be of interest:
  • As usual, a variety of bug fixes, small adjustments, and general improvements
  • Fixed an issue with automatic weight conversions and using the ::baseweight reference
  • Addressed some issues related to modes and how damage might be calculated, in order to allow for a better user experience and less confusion and mistakes in damage formulas
  • Updated handling of damage with special text, such as 'slam+3' or 'HT+formula', and new user-damage-prefix support using square brackets '[prefix]+stuff'
  • Many accessibility fixes and improvements
  • A new Point Summary dialog, both for reference and as an accessible-friendly means of checking points spent
  • Updated gear menu, with new options and handling, for Unified View trait boxes
  • Added a new, bigger Zoom level
  • Added an option to have Templates tracked as their own point expenditure category
  • A new type of plugin which will allow coders to create plugins that users can launch from the Launch menu to do work, either as one-time jobs or as tools that stick around and work while you use GCA
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