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Default Re: So, how great is Kromm anyway?

Also, I'm not deliberately cryptic as often as people seem to think I am!

There are projects that (1) are too early in the creation process to be sure things, so naming them would be premature; (2) are further along, but held up sufficiently by people who aren't SJ Games that SJ Games is unsure when movement will resume, so naming them would be giving false hope; (3) are associated with legal agreements like licenses or simply ordinary writing contracts that bind those in the know not to talk; or, (4) SJ Games feels would be fun as surprises. I jokingly call these "Sekrit Projekts," but as you can see, my reasons for not sharing aren't "I'm a troublemaker who likes to mock you." If I seem intentionally cryptic, it's because either one of those reasons was misread or (just as likely) I didn't watch my words closely enough.

For instance, when I said, "I worked on the Sekrit Projekts, one more than all of the others," I meant that I'd worked on several of the above kinds of things, and one of them got more time than the rest. It's difficult to say if it got more time than each individual other item or more time than all of the other items put together. My timesheet aggregates hours over many weeks, so the hours given to each project in any particular week isn't a figure I have to hand.
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