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Default Re: GURPS Character Assistant Updated to Version 5

As per Steven Marsh's post over here, GCA 5.0.212 is now available at Warehouse 23.

I release notes by the build over at my GCA5 blog while I work, so exactly what's new in this release is everything that was noted since the previous release.

I've mostly been working on data file and sheet updates lately, but here are some new things that may be of interest:
  • A fix to the damage calculation/display bug introduced recently. All damages should now be back to working as they were before that change.
  • The system for sheets and exporters to request options when they're creating output has been fixed.
  • Page numbers in the Info pane have been improved, so they can now show the full book name after the page code (so you don't have to remember codes), and if you don't have a link set up to that PDF, you can set it when you click the link.
  • The GM Control Sheet has now been included.
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