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1/20 — Daušagrip Back Stoop (map)

Description: This cave has a 4-foot ceiling. There are signs of a recent encampment along the eastern wall, including the remains of a small fire. The west nook has four small (~10 inch) holes in the wall. The remains of the body of a goblin lies beneath one of the holes.
Vision: -10 (total darkness)
Hearing: Normal
Exits: Tunnel leading south to area 1/21 — Glowing Chamber and 1/18 — Daušagrip Front Porch; four small tunnels heading west to 1/19 — Daušagrip Lair (the tunnels are just under a foot wide at their mouths, but they narrow to about 6 inches at points).

Low clearance: See 1/17 — Antechamber for the effects of a 4 foot ceiling.
Daušagrip: The daušagrip in 1/19 — Daušagrip Lair catches prey here (within the red dashed line), but can’t pull large victims through the rockworm tunnels.

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