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1/19 — Daušagrip Lair (map)

Description: The ceiling in this cramped cave is only a foot above the ground. The place reeks of old meat and filth. The remains of former meals litter the floor around the edges of the cave. The cave is dominated by a large rock, almost like a natural pillar, with ridges extending from it across the floor. This is a large daušagrip. It squeezed in here some years ago and grew too large to exit. This suits it well enough as the odor from its former meals attracts new meals. It mostly feasts on giant rats and other local vermin supplemented by occasional larger prey.
Vision: -10 (total darkness)
Hearing: Normal
Exits: A narrow (1-foot-wide) passage exits to the south, leading to 1/18 — Daušagrip Front Porch. A web of old rockworm burrows connects the northeast side of this room with 1/20 — Daušagrip Back Stoop. Unfortunately, the daušagrip isn’t able to drag larger prey through these tunnels.

Crawl space: See 1/18 — Daušagrip Front Porch for the effects of a 1 foot ceiling.
Daušagrip: This daušagrip has eight tentacles and is SM +1 (Noršlondr Óvinabókin, p. 56).

Searching the cave is a disgusting process, but there is a fair amount of loot here from former victims.
  • 1 empty, slightly rusty iron vial with silver inlay [$45, 0.50 lbs.]
  • 1 very large silver bracelet roughly engraved with reptilian faces [$1,035, 0.75 lbs.]
  • 7 ozs. of Sealing Wax [$8.75, 0.70 lbs.]
  • 3 glow vials [$30, 0.5 lb. each]
  • 1 scroll case, bone and metal [$75, 1 lb. (empty weight)] containing:
    • 1 universal charged tattooed leather scroll of Strengthen Will 3 (3 FP, 1 minute duration) [$300, 0.15 lbs.]
    • 1 universal charged tattooed leather scroll of Wither Plant (12 FP) [$1,200, 0.15 lbs.]
    • 1 universal charged tattooed leather scroll of Repel Spirits (5 hex radius, 2 hours, 20 seconds to read) [$3,000, 0.15 lbs.]
  • 1 plate breastplate, dwarf sized, DR 6 [$1,313, 10.5 lbs.]
  • 21 billon coins [$210, 0.42 lbs.]
  • 139 copper coins [$139, 2.78 lbs.]
  • 18 silver coins [$360, 0.36 lbs.]
  • 7 tumbaga coins [$420, 0.14 lbs.]

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