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1/18 — Daušagrip Front Porch (map)

Description: The ceiling in this low cave barely rises to 4 feet. The central part of the chamber is roughly 13×13 yards with low tunnels leading southeast and northeast. The ceiling in the northwestern portion of the cave drops even lower, barely a foot above the rough, stony floor. Shining a light into the shadows reveals a narrow opening about seven yards back leading into deeper darkness. With a decent light source, an Observation roll at −2 reveals some scrapes along the floor leading back to the opening. Observation at −5 reveals a knife stuck in the ceiling a few yards into the crawl space.
Vision: -10 (total darkness)
Hearing: Normal
Exits: The southeast passage leads to 1/17 — Antechamber. The northeast passage leads to areas 1/20 — Daušagrip Back Stoop and 1/21 — Glowing Chamber. The northwest crawl space leads through a narrow opening to 1/19 — Daušagrip Lair. A character who wants to squeeze through this passage must roll against Escape (see Squeezing, Exploits, p. 21).

Low clearance: See 1/17 — Antechamber for the effects of a 4 foot ceiling.
Crawl space: The crawl space is so low (1 foot) that a human-sized character needs to be fully prone to enter it. This causes −4 to attacks, −3 to defenses, and a maximum movement of 1 yard per turn.
Daušagrip: A roper-like creature known as a daušagrip (Noršlondr Óvinabókin, p. 56) dwells in 1/19 — Daušagrip Lair. Its 8 tentacles can reach as far as the dashed red outline on the map. With its subsonic hearing ability, it can detect anyone walking (or crawling) on the ground. This ability is ineffective against aerial characters or those using the Light Tread spell or Light Walk skill. It can attack with up to 4 tentacles per turn, attempting to grapple and drag PCs into its lair.

  • Fine large knife enchanted with Penetrating Weapon (2). The grip is wrapped in strips of troll hide. [$5160, 1 lb.] The knife was forged and enchanted by a Dvergr smith about 90 years ago (and still has her worn mark on the pommel). More recently, it fell into the hands of a stóralf who strayed too far into this cave.

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