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We had two snow days at my school (I'm a middle school teacher) in Minnesota last week. This led to a whimsical title of a room called "Snow Day." As happens with gaming, this ballooned into a whole thing. I'm finally ready to start posting some of it.


1/4 — Gear Room

Description: The stone passage gets notably colder as the party proceeds. Ahead, there’s the sound of wind, and occasional flurries of snow gust from the darkness. To the left side, a rough opening leads into a messy cave filled with various bits of gear relating to cold weather. There are makeshift skis and snowshoes in a variety of sizes (including some that are clearly intended for non-human limbs). There are also a few rank heaps of rags, mangy fur, and bits of leather that could be cobbled together to provide some protection from the wind. Any furs of decent quality have been absconded with.

A successful Scrounging roll will find appropriate gear quickly (~1 minute per person). A failure (or no roll) will take longer: 2 minutes margin of failure, max 10 minutes per person. A critical success finds gear rapidly and reveals a valuable item that was accidentally left in the room (GM’s choice).

Vision: -10 (total darkness)
Hearing: normal
Exits: One entrance from the main passage.

Encounters: This is a well-traveled portion of the caves. Roll 3d once upon arrival and again after every 15 minutes in this room (see Encounter Table, below). Monsters may not be immediately aggressive, especially in the face of a strong, well-organized party; use a reaction roll to determine their demeanor with penalties or bonuses as appropriate to the party’s deportment.
Encounter Table (3d)
3–6	1d hobgoblins (Monsters, p. 34) + twice as many goblins (Monsters, p. 33)
7–8	1d goblins (Monsters, p. 33)
9–12	No encounter
13–15	2d coleopterans (The Bugstiary, p. 48)
16–18 	Ni, a Dvergr scout (~375 points) on a mission. A loner with high
	Stealth (17), she will only interact with the group if they appear
	friendly. On a good reaction, she would be willing to guide the party 
	through the snow caves (see 1/5 — Snow Day) in exchange for 
	information about areas that the PCs have explored.
If any gear from the chamber is kept, it can be resold for 15% of standard retail, at best. For reference (prices already marked down):
  • Makeshift skis [$25, 10 lbs.]
  • Makeshift snowshoes [$15, 5 lbs.]

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