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Default Re: GURPS Character Assistant Updated to Version 5

I release notes by the build over at my GCA5 blog while I work, so exactly what's new in this release is everything that was noted since the previous release.

However, these things are probably most relevant or important to folks:
  • There have been lots of bug fixes.
  • Improved support for using rich-text (RTF) in the Description and User Notes fields of Edit Traits, and in Campaign Log notes entries.
  • Added support for 'mini-modes' in attack modes, which is just a way to get an extra damage listing in the same mode line.
  • Added an explicit VTTNotes field for storing stuff for your virtual table top related to a trait. This is now found on Edit Traits. If you don't use a VTT, you can use this as an extra notes slot for things that won't get printed when printing User Notes.
  • You can now change the Reaction Modifiers box in Unified to list bonuses By Line instead of as a paragraph. See the new gear menu.
  • Sheet View and Print Preview now let you view sheets as Facing Pages.
  • Build Campaign Book has been improved to allow you to use a reference library, so making changes later is easier.
  • Saving traits to a file from inside GCA will now result in GCA prompting you to see if you want to reload the library (IF the file you just saved to is part of the current library).
  • You can now right-click library traits in the Unified or Sheet view Library Lists to select categories that should be *excluded* from the current listing. You can clear those exclusions again by clicking the red X for the exclusion list that will appear below the Category list.
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