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Default Re: [Space] [Racial Templates] Really Alien Aliens

I revised the Trinocs, below.

I moved Fearfulness to Common Optional Traits -- it really overlaps a lot with Cowardice -- and improved the Self-Control numbers. I also lowered base Strength and converted their Berserker strength to Striking Strength.

And I also realized the "Reprogrammable" disadvantage is a poor reflection of how Trinoc "Narcotic Council" dictatorships use pheromones to program their populations: It's not brainwashing them to obey so much as locking them into a useful mode, be that Coward, Berserker, or Savant.

[i]Edit: I also updated this post to recost the "only when Berserk" limitation properly, based on reading one of JohnDAllman's always-useful "(dis)advantage of the week" threads.

Racial Template: Trinoc (32 points)

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