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Default Re: GURPS Character Assistant Updated to Version 5

I release notes by the build over at my GCA5 blog while I work, so exactly what's new in this release is everything that was noted since the previous release.

However, these things are probably most relevant or important to folks:
  • There was a bug in correctly initializing bonuses loaded from saved characters, when those characters used gains bonuses (“to me from X” style). This bug could cause an issue that resulted in any such bonus causing an endless loop. That is now fixed.
  • A new sheet, GCA Prime, is now included with the installation. This is a columnar block-flow sheet that provides more options for what you can see and print.
  • Updates to the GCA UI to help improve display of Super-Effort values for Supers/Powers characters.
  • If you have Show Hidden turned on, GCA will now display otherwise hidden attacks in the Attack displays.
  • Added an option to scale super-large attribute scores.
  • Added a simple checkbox on the General Info box for turning on/off Metric if you use that.
  • Miscellaneous other fixes and bug-catching stuff.
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