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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
(...)Its about 200 yards of lateral movement and 9 decks. At a non-FP burning pace, that's four minutes.
Alright, Pacifica's won't kill the guys. She's just going to cut the oxygen until they all pass out (for about 3 minutes. Anyway, we will see them pass out). She shares the plan with her comrades Hua and Day. Assuming the team agrees, Pacifica tells Thorpojor friendly reinforcements might arrive in 4 minutes and also gives him the update:

We are going to do the same thing, but we won't kill them and they will remain restrained. Let's make sure they pass-out (3 minutes without air or so, look at them). Have a couple of good watchers stealthily guard the aisles, so we get a heads up in case the captain decides to come. Now we are going to tell him we found these people in the verge of death, and that help is coming (we are still using the dead bodies), we will be in standby so we play our sketch for the captain. Also, the man that replied to the captain, have him change clothes with one of the guys that were watching the entrance, just in case.
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