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Default (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

Julian Hayden dreamed of wooden platforms that night. Dozens of them, all suspended from the enormous overhang of a cliff... The bottom is behind a bank of clouds. He can see that they're covered in moss and dripping wet from an enormous waterfall in the distance... though how far distant he can't tell. Behind the platforms he sees what he thinks are birds flying... though he can't see them well... funny looking birds, at this distance.

His dream shifts to an indoor rough wooden market lit by glowing stones hung from strings. There, people dressed in brightly colored but plainly adorned clothing, busily bought and sold. Some of them sport feathered wings, while others have palid grey skin, pointed ears, or seemed almost albino.

The main item purchased seems to be various fruits and vegtables: presumably they're getting their grains from somewhere else. They also sell a fair amount of clothing and metal house-hold goods. He also notices a thriving trade in smoothly polished black stones. Many people wear a single large disk made of one around their necks, just smaller than a palm. The raw stone is traded for cash at a different stall. The guards pay closer attention to the goings on then the typical petty thief is comfortable with, even if they are only armed with spears... and wearing a uniform that looks like a raincoat and hat.

Julian woke up to the feeling of damp ground. Rough wooden damp ground, with a sprinkling of fine mist in a light wind on his naked body. Yes, his body was naked. He opened his eyes, and saw the overhang of a cliff above him, with vines growing up it and wooden beams anchored into it. Its well lit though. He looks down, and the wooden platform he's on has an edge that reveals a fairly brightly glowing bank of clouds underneath.

The platform's four sides have a railing protecting the edge, a door to a wooden building, a slimy cliff face, and a tunnel made in the thick vegetation on the cliff, leading... somewhere else.

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