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Default GURPS Character Assistant Updated to Version 5

The incredibly popular GURPS Character Assistant has been updated to Version 5.

If you have purchased this software previously via Warehouse 23, you can download the new version at no additional cost from your Warehouse 23 download library.

IMPORTANT: The new GURPS Character Assistant does not support the old (GURPS Character Assistant 4) character sheets or exporters. We're sorry about that, but there was no way to maintain backward compatibility using the new framework. All versions of GURPS Character Assistant prior to this version are unsupported and should only be used for "legacy" purposes. If you purchased the software prior to February 7 via Warehouse 23, the old version of the software (4.0) will be added to your Warehouse 23 account before the end of the month.

What's New

Here's what's new with this 5.0 version of GURPS Character Assistant, compared to the previous 4.0 version:

It's been rebuilt on a more modern framework, GCA now runs more smoothly and reliably on modern Windows.

Faster! This version is much faster, across the board.

It features improved data handling. Each character is now loaded with the library of data that they rely on; no longer is one library applied across the entire program.

GCA includes additional way to view your character data, called the Unified View, which puts everything onto a panel you can drag around to see the different types of information without having to change tabs or windows. This view can be expanded through plugins in the future.

Improved loadout support. It's easier than ever to build and manage loadouts.

All new support for transforms, allowing for different racial templates or other sets of traits that aren't meant to be all applicable at one time, allowing you to apply just the ones that are meant to be used at the moment.

Better armor and protection handling, with added support for those of you that need to track armor by the layer.

Added a package manager for Updates and Optional packages. This helps alert you to program updates and allows you to install optional extras, such as new character sheets, extra symbol icons, or data for the 3rd Edition books.

Random characters! GCA includes a new tool that lets you build random characters based on character templates.

Improved editors, plus a new editor for attack modes which makes updating, adding, and removing attack/weapon modes much easier.

Many smaller, simpler, but nice-to-have improvements, such as highlighting important traits with different colors, collapsing and expanding parents, indicating capacity for containers, letting you build different kinds of bonuses, tracking uses in multi-use traits, the ability to save to PDF directly from the Print Preview window, and more.

More information about this program including screenshots and the User Reference Guide can be found here:

Whether you're a long-time user or a new GURPS gamer, GURPS Character Assistant will make your games faster and easier than ever. Download it today from Warehouse 23!
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