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Default Re: SID's Star Wars Campaign (OOC)

Victor Jabbar served in the Resistance as a combat medic during the Cold War period; he subsequently joined the (now fallen) New Republic, taking a position as a researcher in neurology, with the goal of understanding from a scientific perspective, the relationship between brain characteristics, control of emotions, and their effects on "tones of The Force" in order to find new procedures to "strengthen" the training of new Jedi.

Located on Yavin 4 and having invested almost 20 years in their research, the team assured promising results; however, the research facility was suddenly raided and destroyed by allegedly Imperial forces. The New Republic did not heed the distress call. The assault could be described as a brutal event. The attackers fed the facilities' ventilation systems with mustard gas, forcing the opening of the research center. The survivors were captured, tortured and executed, with the exception of Vic, who, using his experience as a combat medic, frees himself from his captors by breaking through with a thermal detonator, escaping on one of the center's ships. research.

Severely injured, Vic clings to life in hopes of reuniting with his loved ones. But more serious would be his surprise, discovering that his family had “disappeared”. Vic settles in Nar-Shaddaa as a traveling doctor, five years have passed since then, time in which he recovered from his wounds. Having suffered irreversible damage to his face, skin, and respiratory tract, Vanta relies on technology to keep him alive.

Anger and despair gave Vic the vitality to survive, but also a new identity: VANTA BLACK. With his life reduced to "destroy or be destroyed", the time for revenge has come for him.

My song is Paint it VANTA Black
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