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Bibingui the Pulsar

Bibingui, is a venerable old Ewok, born under the star of fortune. During her early childhood she was present at the events of the war of ENDOR during "Return of the JEDI", thus having the opportunity to meet personalities such as Leia, Han and Luke. Bibingui's parents decided to "sneak" her into one of the rebel ships to follow C-3PO, but their plans went wrong, for she arrived at Lothal. Little Bibingui was lucky enough to meet Nebula, whom she thought was a 3PO-SERIES PROTOCOL DROID (she was a cyborg); Nebula, unable to return Bibingui to Endor, decides to adopt her.

Nebula owned a robotics parts service business and spaceship machine shop in Lothal, so Bibingui learned the trade from her adoptive mother. Having reached maturity and influenced by the stories of the merchants, pilots and smugglers who came to the workshop, Bibingui decides to go on a space adventure. Lacking a ship of her own, Bibingui takes a job as a space carrier on Lothal, being assigned an old VCX-100 light freighter.

Yet Bibingui had a big problem, she was a total klutz, which would soon cause many unfortunate events throughout her career. Specifically, Bibingui is wanted in 7 planetary systems, accused of damage to private and public property (no casualties attributed). Bibingui experimented a gradual decrease in her income due to the discounts that the company applied to her due to the repairs to the ship, she was getting angry at her employers.

Bibingui was seen for the last time in Cloud City, where she collapsed a gas extraction facility (prior to inauguration). She barely managed to escape, she made it thanks to a radar-stealth system she recently found in her ship. She decides to keep the ship, on account of her liquidation and compensation for all the years that her salary was deducted… And thus, she was never seen again, at least in the formal jobs market.

After a stay on Lothal, Bibingui discovers that her home planet (Endor) is in trouble after the effects of the destruction of DEATH STAR II. She helps her family and friends flee the planet, in what would be an exodus to the CORUSCANT system, where she tried to keep a low profile (as a smuggler for SPICE, fortunately, she learns to control clumsiness… at least partially). Years later, she would receive a transmission of help to support EXEGOL's battle, going to combat as a way to atone for her bad steps in life and to satisfy her craving for adventure, an event after which she leaves the smuggling business.

Bibingui settles in a remote sector of the CORUSCANT system and starts a family. Almost half a century later, forgotten by her family and dejected by loneliness and monotony, she sets out on a journey to Lothal to reunite with Nebula, her adoptive mother.

Bibingui discovers that Nebula is in her last moments. Despite of her advanced age, Nebula tells Bibingui not to be dissatisfied with her life, she invites her to pursue her dreams for as much as life lasts; after this, Nebula passes away. Bibingui eventually closes the workshop and takes her mother’s customized R1 astromech droid, PUR-R1-T0, with her; she finally embarks on a journey of courage and adventure, arriving at NAR SHADDAA.

Bibingui is back in business, ready to live each day as if it were her last.

This is Bibingui’s theme song.
/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗

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