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Default Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
I made Peter come from my hometown of Burlington MA, School starts the first or second week of September... So we have some evidence Peter is not from this Earth (as if we didn't already know).
A bastion of September school! my hometown starts in late august. my current town starts in early august.

After finding little of interest in his searches, Peter talks to Marcus and tells the story and he thinks he's convincing.
He manages to convince Marcus that he really doesn't remember, and that it really is quite traumatic.

For better or for worse, Peter had to grow up fast in a lot of ways and he comes to the realization that it wouldn't be fair to ask Marcus to share his burden.
Growing up is hard. Peter does enjoy seeing his friend again, and is able to make it home.

That night, Peter dreams of a city of clockwork. Mechanical horses pull long wide carriages though busy streets. Robotic workers unload a train full of sacks of grain, occasionally returning to a heavy gear that plugs into their back and winds them up. Sooty-faced workers shovel coal into furnaces. A massive bmetal statue of a figure holding a mighty hammer dominates the a square, and is replicated in minature many places. In some places, polished copper shines through, though other places are painted a vibrant blue. A few bow to it, but most ignore it. The sky is filled with enormous and distant cogs.

Peter dreams of men on metal horses, armed with guns with solid barrels, riding through a portal... and dozens of captives with them, chained in a line. Most are men, but there are a couple of families. They are mostly wearing their night wear. Several have big red marks or bruises forming on their faces.

The portal is large and has a faint blue sheen to it. Peter thinks he can see a playground on the other side. A figure in copper and blue robes begins to chant and wave their arms. After about 10 seconds, the blue sheen brightens, and the portal vanishes.

Peter wakes up naked next to Goliath in an field of weeds. Its warm, like a summer evening, or perhaps he's just in a warmer climate. he sees a burned out wood-frame house nearby. The sky is filled with gears and cogs, but there's plenty of light coming from somewhere. The entire world seems to radiate a low level of magic, but far away and ethereal, untouchable somehow.

Peter gets 1 point from his adventures back home. He was there 4 days. This would be november 20th back home.
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