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Klurt'ogosh'oammeo - Jensaarai Defender
Aka Togosho, Togo (very familiar)
Race: Chiss
Age 15 (Chiss Fully mature at 10)
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Height 5’11”
Weight: 135lbs

Klurt'ogosh'oammeo was born on the planet Avidich in the Chis Ascendancy. His father was of the Aristocra, and away from home much of the time, which suited his wife, as there was more than one occasion that had left her bruised, and many more that left her in tears. At the age of 6, Togo’s mother witnessed a toy just out of Togo's reach fall and tumble into his grasp. He had not been looking in the direction of the toy and had not even noticed the occurrence.

She became concerned. The stigma attached to having a child with the curse was no small thing and could damage her husband’s position. And how would he react? Would he blame her? She feared a violent reaction. She did some research and investigated how these things were handled. She knew there was a procedure to cure the child of the taint of the force, and wanted to learn more. She found that the procedure was always successful in removing the taint, but the child was not always undamaged. She took turns with her worry, fear, and rage over and over until she came to her decision. She booked passage and fled the Ascendancy, for her child’s safety, and in no small part for her own.

Togo and his mother boarded the transport, There were several other passengers and they were seated with them up until launch. They largely kept to themselves, but had a few conversations with their fellow passengers, one of whom, a Rigellian behemoth who introduced himself as Hammoth Figne, took a special interest in Togo, and asked another passenger to trade seats to be closer to the mother and child.

Just after launch, the captain came to them. He invited them to use the VIP private quarters, saying he recognizes their caste, and they were too good to sit with the rabble. Togo’s mother was all too happy to accept, feeling a little uneasy with the Rigellian’s interest in Togo. But little did she know it’s captain had been curious about a noblewoman and her child traveling outside of the Ascendancy unaccompanied. He made some correct and some incorrect assumptions and decided to ransom them back to the Ascendancy, and her husband. The captain locked them in their quarters. They took no notice until the ship docked, but then began to call for help when they were unable to depart. No one could hear their calls. Togo pounded on the door with his tiny fists in a rage, and his mother stood back with fright when a web of blue-white electricity burst out from his fists as they made impact and the boy’s hair turned white as the air crackled around him.

Upon reaching port, the passengers began to depart. Hammoth Figne asked about the mother and child, as they had not returned, and he was told to pay them no concern, as they decided to cancel their trip and were returning to Avidich. The Rigellian reached out with his feelings, and could sense the captives panic and strode past the objecting crewman who followed him close behind, declaring where he was going was off-limits. He only backed off and ran for help when the Rigellian tried to open the door panel and found the door secured, and responded by somehow defeating the lock with a wave of his hand.

“They mean to take you back,” he told them, “If it is your wish, I mean to prevent that.” The captain and his guards appear and draw their blasters. The captain declares “You don’t make the rules on my ship” and levels his weapon. There’s a crackle and burn in the air as Figne draws his lightsaber. “Okay, maybe today, you do.” the captain says defeatedly as he lets them pass.

After some discussion, and finding they have no place to go, Figne explains that his interest in the boy was because he could feel the boy’s connection to the Force and that he would take them with him to the planet Susevfi in the Suarbi system and train the boy. Togo’s mother became upset and protested being separated from her child, and while she appreciated his assistance, she had no love for the Jedi, but she relented when he told her he was of a different order, and unlike the Jedi, they would not force the boy to sever his ties.

Togo trained hard over the next eight years as he grew to adulthood, learning the secrets of the Jensaarai, and was guided in the use of technology and Sith Alchemy in the creation of his armor. He was granted the rank of Defender. He was always fascinated with the stories of Nikkos Tyris discovering the lost manuscript that became the foundation for the Jensaarai order, and what other teachings may be out there, lost for centuries. He made it a goal to uncover more of the lost secrets of the force. He set out on this mission six months ago, acting as an assistant to the crew to help pay for his passage.

Several weeks ago, Togo was summoned back to the temple by Hammoth Figne who told him the Jensaarai have a debt to be repaid on Nar Shaddaa, and he is entrusting Klurt'ogosh'oammeo to balance the ledger.

I am the Protector of Justice,
I am the Protector of Worlds,
I am the Defender of the True Way,
There is no Light, there is no Dark,
I know the Truth of the Force...
I am a Jensaarai

Togosho is rarely seen out of his armor, a modified cybersuit of his own design. When the helmet is deployed, it can be seen as stylized to resemble a great cat. There are a pair of lightsabers on his belt and a blaster mounted on the right thigh. While he has attained the rank of Defender, he is still a novice in the role. While he has not acquired full mastery of specific uses of the force, his teachers have been astonished at his mastery of improvisation. The approach has made him exceptionally versatile, but the effort is clearly quite exhausting to him. There was some debate over his being granted the rank of Defender due to his not fully mastering the techniques, however, he was able to skillfully complete all the tasks required for his position.


Originally Posted by SID View Post
“I expect no less from you, show him the document”.

The masked woman pulls the document out from her sleeve, and hands the paper to Togosho.

Summing its contents up, it reads:

“I Hammoth Figne, of my own free will and without coercion, intimidation or threat of retaliation, in my right as Saarai-Kaar hereby appoint Klurt'ogosh'oammeo, member of the Jensaarai, to serve the holder of this document, indefinitely, declaring that from this point forward:

The holder’s choices will be his choices.
The holder’s morals will be his morals.
The holder's wishes will be his code.

All of this while having Klurt'ogosh'oammeo adhere to the best of his ability and knowledge, to the teachings of the Jensaarai...”

The document is signed by Hammoth and two Jensaarai Grandmasters you are familiar with. It also is stated that two copies or the document were made, all of them with the power to entitle two different people with the same power.

It is stated that should the orders of the holders contradict each other, Togosho is free to choose who to follow. It also says the document grants the holders a power that precedes that of the Saarai-Kaar. Finally, a holder can unbind Togosho by willingly giving him the document with the intention of releasing him from service.

"What we care about is promises fulfilled; your master did his part.
So you can keep that paper with you, consider it a token of trust, now that we’ve got your word.

It might serve as a fail-safe to you, since we don’t know who’s got the other copy."

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