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Hey! I will launch a STAR WARS inspired campaign for PBP, powered by GURPS.

The story will take place some years (50+) after the newest trilogy, in a galaxy far, far away. You can take any alignment you want; just remember you will play as a team.

The campaign starts on Wednesday, January 19th 2021.

Those interested in joining, please leave a message here in this thread.

Main GURPS books:
  • Basic set.
  • Martial arts.
  • Power-ups.
  • Powers.
  • Space.
  • Ultra-tech.
  • Pyramid 3-082 and related books (for the force). *
  • Space combat will be resolved using/adapting GURPS Action pursuits.
Characters will be 250 CP (up to 5 perks, up to -50 CP disadvantages including quirks); all characters will be revised by me. If you provide a backstory at least one page long (single space, Arial 11), a picture of your character and a theme song you can earn up to 15 additional CP. The backstory must mention how you join the party (more details about the setting will be available once I confirm the players). Starting cash is TL11 (TL may vary, this is just for cash).

*Force users must follow the guidelines for the sorcerer template in GURPS pyramid 3-082, magical creations. If you want to be force sensitive, you must spend at least spend 60 CP: Sorcerous Empowerment 2 [30], plus anything else. For the purpose of creation, force powers are limited to 170 CP.

Advantages that work per session or session time will work under a post/player basis:
  • Destiny (impulse buys) regenerates every 10 posts * Destiny points * players. Example, 10 posts * DP * 3 players = 30 posts.
  • Gizmo regenerates every 20 posts * players. Example, 20 * 3 players = 60 posts.
  • Luck regenerates every 10 posts * players. Example, 10 * 3 players = 30 posts.
  • Serendipity regenerates every 20 posts * players. So, 20 posts * 3 players = 60 posts.
  • Wild-Card Points, you can have bang skills or style skills (wildcards, only 1 wildcard BTW), and we'll be using wildcard-points. Wildcard-points will regens every [(Wildcard POINTS/3) * 10 posts * players]. Example, for someone with 72 CP invested in a style (6 wild-points or WP), it takes 60 posts to reset the WP, calculated as [ (6 w-points/3) *10 posts*3 players = 60].
Uses are non-cumulative, if you don't call the advantage then it's wasted.

  • Player characters start out as mercenaries working for some organization in Nar Shaddaa, all of you may have different reasons for being there (you can be friends before getting there, but the force will bring you together anyway...).
  • The group will start with small jobs in Nar Shaddaa and depending on the achievements, the party could acquire bigger missions or even get to stuff that could shake the galaxy.
  • Regarding character creation, you can use almost anything from the lore and the expanded universe, all I need is the source.
  • Stuff that may exist 50 years after the "new trilogy" will be available to the player characters (planets, people, ships, etc.) IF you have the time and resources to find such stuff.
  • This campaign is planned to be challenging and deadly, be prepared.

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