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Default Re: GURPS -> Dungeon Fantasy Conversion Thread


Before continuing to new professions like the Artificer or Ninja, it occurred to me it might be helpful to make a list of relevant changes to advantages, disadvantages, and skills in DFRPG. It actually caused me to notice some things I'd missed in my posts on DF3 above, which have now been added in edits.

A small handful of advantages in the "Suitable Advantages" list on DF1, pp. 14-15 were dropped in DFRPG: Alcohol Tolerance, Allies, Breath-Holding, Contacts, Musical Ability, No Hangover, Shtick, and Unusual Background. Allies, Breath-Holding, Contacts, and Shticks are all probably fine if a group wants to use them. GMs can also offer Alcohol Tolerance and No Hangover, but only if they actually plan to use the rules for drinking on B439-440. Musical Ability has been replaced by Born Entertainer, a pattern that should probably be followed wherever relevant. Finally, Unusual Backgrounds need to be handled on a case-by-case basis—some traits, like the Swashbuckler's Great Void, already implicitly use an Unusual Background under the hood, but in other cases they could be dropped (like the dropping of the Infernal Gifts perk from the Infernal template).

A few other traits changed in significant ways. Animal Friend now adds to Disguise (Animals), Mimicry (Animal Sounds and Bird Calls), and Born War Leader now adds to Connoisseur (Weapons). Born War Leader also adds to Savoir-Faire simpliciter rather than adding to just one specialty, since the skill no longer requires specialization. And Resistant is now a normal level advantage rather than having the somewhat odd pricing it has in vanilla GURPS.

I'm not aware of any other changes, but I've had to make enough edits to previous posts in this thread that I wouldn't be surprised if I missed something.

EDIT: Cultural Familiarity and Reputation also got dropped. Reputation certainly feels appropriate, if not for starting heroes than as the power-up Reputation (Hero; Everybody; All the Time). GMs might allow more specific reputations but should steer players away from very specific reputations unlikely to come up in practice. If Cultural Familiarity is re-introduced, it should work just like Cultural Adaptability but for narrow monster-types (like goblin-kin or lizardmen).

EDIT 2: Outdoorsman now adds to Disguise (Animals) and Weather Sense.

(Very belated) EDIT 3: Smooth Operator and Social Chameleon got dropped.

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