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Pacifica exits Zybo’s room in protocolary fashion.

Once the Dread Stormers are good to go and clear, Pacifica tells Day about Nijothu Thovuthi and the plan she devised to have him stay in the ship. She proposes an extraordinary rendezvous to spare him the details regarding the man, but also to involve Hua in Day’s “rescue plan”, besides giving her the update.

Pacifica considers such meeting should be carried on right now, observing both Day and Hua are in their off hours, but also that she and Day have “permission” to move around without a buddy.

Assuming Day agrees, Pacifica nominates herself to fetch Hua, aware of her schedule, Pacifica takes a guess to find her:

Pacifica's IQ (finding Hua):
3d6 <= 13
1 + 4 + 2 = 7 ... success.
She also makes use of the map in her head and her knowledge of navigation to reach Hua’s positions as soon as possible:
Pacifica's navigation (land):
3d6 <= 13+1
5 + 5 + 1 = 11 ... success.
Pacifica pulls out her notepad and writes a note for Hua, it says H, Hyperspace window ASAP, DP. Eat me. Although she has permission to walk around the ship, Pacifica decides reaching Hua without calling unnecessary attention:
Pacifica's stealth:
3d6 <= 15
1 + 2 + 1 = 4 ... critical success!
Pacifica slips the note inside Hua’s shirt, between her breasts, using filch. Afterwards, she shakes Hua a bit (as to wake her up) and leaves quietly for the rendezvous.
Pacifica's filch:
3d6 <= 14
3 + 5 + 3 = 11 ... success.
Regarding the activities after the rendezvous, Pacifica will be paying attention to her lunch buddies, checking whether anything new or unexpected happens in the ship. She will conduct her job business as usual, but also dedicates some time to her buddy Nejora (leveraging on her fanaticism to Pacifica).
Pacifica's fast-talk (Nejora tell me everything about you):
3d6 <= 13
3 + 1 + 2 = 6 ... success.
OOC: Pacifica wants to learn everything about Nejora: Abilities, her skills, her secrets, her background-story, her motivation to become a soldier, her thoughts about La Quinta… but more importantly: The whole story about her tattoo (just kidding, that’s not as important but Pacifica wants to learn about it). In other words, I would like to see her character sheet. They can dedicate the shift’s downtime and a few of their off hours to this. Pacifica will also spare a few details about her identity (the fake identity), spiced up with the shibboleths she has picked along the road.

Finally, Pacifica will also take the necessary sleep to remain well-rested.
- 画龍点睛。Hide。
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