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Henry's last post is pretty much what I had in mind when I sat down to write this.

Here's my current interpretation.

(*) Glamor can change the appearance of your clothing. It has to at least change the size to fit and I can't see why it would be limited to size.

(*) I'm not sure whether it changes the appearance of gear in hand at the time the spell is cast.

(*) Glamor must have some limits in terms of what kinds of critters you can pose as. I think it will be limited to critters who have roughly the same shape and movement as you. A human can't look like a wolf or even a bear (unless walking upright), but you could make your toy poodle look like a wolf (which would have some uses, though he wouldn't act like a wolf).

(*) You can use Glamor to look like a particular person. No one can see that this isn't your real appearance, but in order to convince that you really are that person, a Disguise roll is required. As usual, a 1d penalty for being unskilled, but this is effectively countered by the 1d bonus for using Glamor and there's no need for an hour preparation.

Simply changing appearance is one thing and Glamor can do that very well. Posing as your target is another. If you want to look like the Duke, you won't fool his wife very easily, a 6d roll (sorry, Uther Pendragon). A 3d roll for a typical subject.

I don't think I'd apply the penalty for mimicking another species, but I'm not sure. The appearance should be more or less spot on, at least if the wizard knows the species well. The question is whether an orc behaves noticeably different than a human and that difference is hard to mimic unskilled.

(Note: I'm not using "mimic" here in the sense of the talent, which is limited to voice mimicry, but if you don't have the Mimic talent, you won't have the voice of an orc and that should be noticeable.)
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