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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

This is a plan for dealing with a discovered dreadstormer, not a plan for revealing one... correct? And will it be specific to the mess hall, the control room, or the generic ship space (hydrogen containers)? Also (...) it won't be a very well grounded plan... but do you even want one?

The (trap) plan is for dealing with a discovered Dread-Stormer.

In respect of this (trap) plan, Pacifica made some room for opinion exchange; so, if one of the guys at the table could add to the plan, it would be well received by Pacifica. As you deduce, the (trap) plan need not be well grounded; I think it should be believable though, the goal is learning the enemy’s tactics, I want Pacifica to have an edge when dealing with anti-Dread Stormer traps and would like Pacifica to understand their tactics.

Note: It's a trap!

On the other hand, the support network will be a feed/hub for Pacifica's exposition sense, hopefully this will help her to learn about people working on revealing Dread-Stormers.

Let's head to the meeting:

Pacifica's displacement (14-2)
3d6 <= 12
2 + 1 + 6 = 9 ... success

Pacifica's stealth (15+4)
3d6 <= 19
4 + 2 + 1 = 7 ... success

For this meeting Pacifica carries pen and paper (in her pocket), in the occasion her teammates want to take notes.

Let's see if she resists her obsession:

Pacifica's CR:
3d6 <= 15
1 + 1 + 1 = 3 ... success (LOL, she gracefully resists)

Who arrives first, and where's Hua's note?

She will report:
  • That she has a very active role in her designated area helping others, and that she worked in the ship's improved shift-plans (as I understood).
  • The letter she received from Zibo, which suggests Pacifica should/may take a role in the extra hands (and that she joined the "group").
  • The passwords she has gathered (comment what kind of passwords she has), and will share those that might be of interest to the team.
  • The names of AND designation of targetable people she's found (to create scapegoats, diversions, allies, etc.)
  • The interview she had after the extraordinary events in the ship (shots/fire and so on); she will also ask about the roles of her fellows in the events.
  • When it comes to the new rendezvous, she suggests to meet during her off-hours, as it would be complicated leaving her station otherwise.
  • She also mentions she has pen and paper if they need to make annotations (for the complicated stuff, such as passwords).
  • Finally, she asks her friends if they could fetch her a pair of Karatands (the flexible gloves that harden when attacking). Karatands will be useful against bullets.
(BTW, how legal are Karatands in the ship?).

Pacifica has an idea to brain wash people faster:


I think we should deal with the medics; everybody should visit them once in a while.
Turn the medics, then...

Have the doctor run a series of random checks.
I think you could say the doctor found some intoxicated people, and that he would like to rule out that it was the "new" food. He will have to do urine and stool-ova & parasite examination. Then the doctor will summon the people we need.

Let's imagine you go first, then the others.
You take longer to get out because, maybe, you took longer in the bathroom.
But no, you are just (waiting) about to leave.
Then the doctor says, hey Day, the nurses are registering your samples.
Just hand this person that thing I put over there and leave.

I guess it could work, but you are the expert(s) here.
How about it?
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