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Default Re: High HP and Healing with VRH in DF and Monster Hunters

Originally Posted by Celjabba View Post

Your *2 + *2= *4 is a valid interpretation, but not explicitely written down afaik, and Gurps tend to favor the *2 + *2 = *3 approach.
Pretty much this. Broadly, unless the rules explicitly express both quantities as multipliers (neither as additive) and explicitly say they multiply together, they add. This is why gear with two instances of +1 CF doesn't cost 4× as much, but 3× as much – i.e., it's ×(1+1+1) = ×3 and not ×(1+1)×(1+1) = ×4. Healing is supposed to work the same way.

If you don't like that, rule differently in your campaign! I would be sympathetic to that change in a game without supernatural healing. It would make the time needed to heal naturally more consistent.

But it is indeed important to note the difference between the Basic Set wording ("when you roll to recover lost HP, a successful HT roll means you heal"), which quite explicitly limits the effects to natural recovery via HT rolls, and the DFRPG wording ("whenever you heal by any means"), which imposes no limitation whatsoever. The latter is extremely powerful in a game with healing spells and potions, and probably doesn't need help. If an extra 10 points beyond the 5 points for Rapid Healing could buy just anybody ×2 healing speed on top of the multiplier for HP, it would be a little too good . . . a barbarian (remember that that game, only barbarians can have this trait!) with 20-30 HP would race to ×4 or ×6 healing from spells for those extra 10 points, which is kind of nuts. A mere ×3 or ×4 is already rather nice for the price.

Comparisons to Regeneration are neither here nor there in the DFRPG. The only way to have that advantage there is to be a martial artist and take the "Regeneration" Chi ability, which works like Regeneration (Regular). In that game, Regeneration (Slow) isn't on the table, and martial artists aren't barbarians, so no character ever faces the painful choice of Regeneration vs. Very Rapid Healing.
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