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Default Best Neighborhood for Widespread Voodoo Belief (1920-1980)

Without abandoning the still-open question of where in New Orleans to locate the Lacoste 'Southern Gothic' family mansion, I have another question.

What neighborhood in New Orleans would be most appropriate for an African-American family to have lived in surrounded by folklore and myths about witchcraft, voodoo and other supernatural beliefs in the period between 1920-1980?

In my setting, there were not confirmed supernatural phenomena over that time period, but, obviously, as in the real world, there were plenty of people who believed in some form of supernatural forces.

Where would be a good place in New Orleans for someone to come from and have been raised with all their aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives believing in voodoo as an actual force in the world?

Specifically, Louisiana voodoo; not Haitian vodoun or other Afro-Caribbean religions or traditional magic.

Also, side-question, would this neighborhood also be the neighborhood where supernatural belief was most prevalent today (well, in early 2019) or would that be a different area of New Orleans these days?
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