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Question 19
What styles of music, art, and fashion tend to be most popular among the rich offworld human population? (5 sentences)
The offworlders have a range of musical tastes rooted in the wide variety of music history they have to draw upon and there is a certain amount of nostalgia for whatever music matches each individuals cultural roots. What is fashionable to listen to is live music given that so much of the available music is from archives.

As for art, well there are quite a lot of rare, famous and desirable works lying unappreciated by the plebian earthers below. If one was to arrange a few mechanical servators and an earth capable shuttle then surely a climate controlled display case behind one's desk is better than leaving an irreplaceable and unique piece of history to rot.

Fashion tends towards simple single layer outfits when off woŕlders are relaxing in the comfort of their bases, if they decide to visit the planet the difference in gravity and concern about environmental contaminants means power assisted encounter suits which are designed to look as futuristic as possible, sweeping lines, internal weapon mounts combined with a silver and opal finish is considered trčs chic.

Question 22
Were there any major climate change related projects that were started or finished before the end?
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