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Question 11:
Aside from the extreme seasonal weather that still batters the survivors and raiders, what other dangers do the survivors face? 1d6 roll: 6
There are many dangers and any list would be woefully incomplete, but here are a few that can catch out the unwary or unlucky.
Terrorform, the offworlders are still doing their bit to improve the earth, with apparently no concern for who the squash in the process. Orbital strikes to create new inland seas, lasers burning firebreaks, mats of G.E. algae seeded by drone, there is little that earth's inhabitants can do in the face of these seemingly random events.

Occasionally robots are seen, the pervading theory is that they are either salvaging the treasures of earth for the offworlders or were subverted by the remnants of the A.I.s.

There are stranger threats as well, the pseudocoral that was sown along the coast has grown far larger than originally planned, who knows what lives within.

Question 14
What's a good question for this setting?
(Here is a chance for lurkers to throw something into the mix or simply open things up a bit)

Question 15
Have any factions or groups managed to maintain vehicals?
(Roll of 3)
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