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Default Re: Index to threads with lasting value

Allow me to add my index of collaborative world building threads. I was keeping this list in this thread, but it's probably more easily found here.

Question Game Threads
[GAME] Synthesise a Cybercity! - A secondary world cyberpunk city, ruled by a callous megacorp, where memories are for sale but AI isn't.
[Banestorm] Fleshing out the Djinn Lands - Made some new detail for the Djinn Lands of Yrth and one of the djinn there.
[GAME] Orcish Ag Bash! - Queen orcs and spirit circles for an eel-based farming system.
[GAME] Surveil a Superspy Setting! - Directorate S, a private superspy agency backed by the world's third richest person, protects the world from a range of threats.
[GAME] Magic Academy/University, World Building - An elite magic school founded in Quebec but located on the opposite coastline.
[GAME] After the End, Worldbuilding - An environmental-nuclear apocalypse leaves uplifts and hybrid humans on the rise.
[GAME] Assemble a Space Station! - A space station built inside an abandoned precursor base, and some details about the politics of the setting.
Campaign Jam: Magic Vrs. Technology - A world with opposing camps using exclusively either magic or technology
[GAME] Conceive a Cross Dimensional Fantasy Milieu - Mercantile adventure in a multiverse containing worlds in crocodile skulls, tetrahedrons and a distorted in-between
[GAME] Incorporate a Cyberpunk Megacorp - Focuses on a South American 2nd tier megacorp
[GAME] Collaborative World Building Dwarven city as a start - Based on some agricultural modelling for a dwarven stronghold
[Game] Animate a Monster Hunters Setting - 1900's World-spanning Occult Adventure
[Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting - A space ark brings dozens of alien races to an overcrowded solar system just as Earth becomes uninhabitable
[Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG - A Dungeon Fantasy town to stock up on rumours, magic items and guild intrigue between adventures
Create a setting -- diesel punk awesomeness! - 1930s in a world dominated by Greco-Buddhist geopolitics
Shared space setting - Building the wormhole superhighway to the stars
[Game] Work Up a Steampunk Setting - Skyship villains and bathysuit soldiers fighting undersea wars
Question Game: Post Agricultural Fantasy Setting
[Game] Let's Make a Post-Apocalyptic Setting
[Game] Generate a Space Trader Setting - Aliens, birthright humans and divergers with plasma-tube jump drives spread across the galaxy
Setting Generating Game (Feb 2015) (Fantasy setting) - Dogfleet Pirates from the Naga Isles conquer the coastal City States with the aid of numina spirits
Setting Generating Game (Supers setting- Odin-1)
Setting Generator game 2: Odin2 (Supers)
New Year/New Setting: GURPS world design 'game' (Fantasy setting- Twilight World): This was more of a "reference chain" game- refer to something previously mentioned then add to it.

Also, some vote-based threads:
Vote Up a Setting Threads
Vote up a Fantastic (as in Fantasy) Setting
Vote up a Fantasy Setting
Vote up a SUPERS! setting
Vote up an Urban Fantasy Setting
Vote up a Space Opera

And for straight-up collaborative world-building:
Other Collaborative World Threads
Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon - A dungeon thrown together by the God of the Underworld, which includes a range of random but creative ways to challenge a party of delvers.
Open Source World-Building - Dominion Cross, a hefty fantasy world with several countries mapped out. Wiki available here.
Space Opera Setting Wiki - Explore the galaxy in Behind the King's Eclipse! Psychic space knights wielding sentient black hole weapons and more.
Bronze-Age city-states and the gifts of their gods
Collaborative Settings:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
And heaps of forum collabs, 30+ and counting!

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