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Default Re: Conditional Injury with Knowing Your Own Strength

Originally Posted by Raekai View Post
RyanW's System
What I Don’t Know
  • How to calculate HP (from weight).
  • RyanW uses a “variant” of KYOS, but what exactly is it? What are the damage values?
  • Where RyanW’s system falls on the scale of realism.
The system in it's current state is ST 10 = BL 20, +3 ST = 2 BL. It doesn't use conventional HP or damage at all. Instead, start at RT 4, WP 0, and you just have a range up or down you can buy based on ST, basically -1 to 0 for ST 9, -1 to 1 for ST 10, and 0 to +1 for ST 11 (+/-1 to all maxima/minima per +/-3 to ST). Note that ST is only 5/level, but you must buy into your allowable ranges separately at +/-10 points/level for each - this is ineligant, the point values are untested guesswork, and it's the part I'm least satisfied with, but I prefer keeping all cost progressions smooth per level, rather than something like "ST is 5 per level+20 per three levels". Swing gets +1 WP.

The main sticking point is damage adds. Sw+3, for example. If you leave it a simple add, it becomes a proportional add rather than flat add. An ogre wielding a great axe becomes utterly terrifying. As long as you are playing a game that sticks relatively close to human scale, you would probably get good results halving and rounding away from zero.

I think my system is what you are calling +20 = 10, or at least started that way before decoupling from the RAW damage system.
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