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Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
This post poses the question of what happens when an illusion of a warrior attacks and rolls a critical failure resulting in either a dropped or broken weapon. I ran a search on this thread to see if this had been discussed and nothing turned up, so I bring up the question here. Illusions can't divide. So, what happens? Has this already been hashed out and I (and my search) missed it?

I don't recall illusions breaking weapons ever coming up at my table. But it will eventually! I suggest that the illusion (or image) should vanish.

For me,
the short answer: dispels the illusion or image.

the long answer: With a drop or broken weapon, either it causes the illusion/image to vanish since it violates the laws that govern it (much like invisibility destroys illusions/images, thus is a precedence) OR it simply does not break or drop and is obvious to all that are watching. I prefer the former since when an illusion fails to drop or break, it is obviously an illusion seems akin to disbelief. And for images anything causing such would have enough force to disrupt the image (spell or critical failure). OR the broken or drop weapon just disappears.

The good news is this give "break weapon" and "drop weapon" spells more power for spells that are seldom taken. And it give a much needed additional downside to illusions.
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