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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Actually, the USA is probably a more likely refuge. The CIA let in tens of thousands of Nazis and, as long as the people coming over were not big names and had no known war crimes, they could have been given jobs in the USA. They would have been forced to play the long game, but they could have started disappearing in the 50s and 60s, and it would have given them enough time to get TL7 equipment and sympathetic allies for the trip (perhaps from South America).
To be clear, after April 30, 1945, there are no connections between my Antarctic Space Nazis and any world recognisable as ours or even a particularly close analogue. Basically, to the Antarctic Space Nazis, Earth stopped existing after they emigrated to their otherworldly Last Redoubt and the other colonies of das Neues Reich der Schwarzen Sonne. That means that anyone who could not get to one of their gates that led to the World Tree and ultimately to their colony worlds before some time in the night of April 30, 1945, did not travel with them and probably never saw them again.

The stories of Antarctic Space Nazi colonies on Antarctica and in various South American states in the post above are presented as ideas for cover stories to tell potential recruits who would probably not believe the truth. The ASNs never really planned to move to the Alpine Redoubt, Antarctica, Argentina, Chile or anywhere else on Earth. Which means they have no intention of moving to the USA, either, and don't want anyone they regard as vital for their colonies to do so. Anyone who surrenders to US troops or any other Allies is going to miss their chance at going with the ASNs, depriving the Neue Reich of their talents, if any.

The Antarctic Space Nazis needed cover stories to be able to tell potential colonists something less unbelievable than what they were actually doing, i.e. traveling the World Tree using völkisch magic developed by a certified madman and several other eccentric scholars from the lunatic fringe of fascist thought, using the accumulated wisdom of the Aryan Secret Masters of Agharta and the frightening power of the Lords of the Last Waste, the Ice Giants, the Hrýmþursar, who along with the Asiatic hordes of the Red Army herald Götterdämmerung for the German Reich.

When it became clear that Germany would lose the war, the inner circle of the SS leadership around Heinrich Himmler started planning for an SS-dominated Nazi successor state, a Neue Reich, on other worlds accessible through the World Tree, which Ahnenerbe occultists and researchers had discovered in 1943, with help from strange allies and prophetic visions by previously discredited völkisch occultists.

Himmler and several others wanted at first to use the World Tree to help Germany win the war, but no applications available immediately were likely to change much on the massive scale that WWII was fought. The power of the occultists was at first limited to only a tiny area around the first gate and even when more gates were discovered, the SS could not project any serious sorcerous energies far enough to affect important battlefields, let alone stop the Allies from massively outproducing the German economy.

The World Tree could give the ASNs access to incredible power, but during the initial months of discovery, it was more of a resource hog than a benefit. By the time the SS had developed some reliable ways to travel and found more than the hostile first world, it was 1944 and there was no plausible way that the SS occultists could begin to exploit any potential military advantages of their discoveries fast enough to make a difference to the ultimate outcome of the war.

So planning for a New Reich was their only rational alternative and over the course of 1943-1944, the future Antarctic Space Nazis recruited allies, gathered materiel and sounded out settlers. At first, their planning process was extremely secret, with very few people knowing the truth about the projected Last Redoubt. As the end of the Third Reich became ever more obvious, the ASNs accelerated their rate of recruitment and collection of supplies, until they were operating almost openly at the end. After all, they represented the men who were entrusted with the task of evacuating or destroying German industry and collecting arms for the last-ditch resistance, like Volkssturm and Werwolf. Even if Hitler heard about about them seizing vital strategic assets, it would be exactly what he ordered them to do.

Still, even if, by the last couple of months, they didn't try to conceal that they were trying to preserve German industry and expertise, they obviously couldn't tell potential recruits the truth, either. I mean, would you believe them, before actually witnessing it for yourself?
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