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Default Cover Stories for ASN Recruits Chosen for Skill Sets, Not Politics

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
That really is quite hard. Nowhere on the planet was beyond the reach of the Allies of 1945.
Indeed not. Not physically, at least. But it might not have been perceived as totally impossible that Argentina, Chile, Paraguay or even Uruguay were prepared to grant asylum to some thousands of Germans, especially valued technical experts, and that the Allies would not go to war with neutral or 'allied' countries over it.

Even with these countries declaring war on Axis countries once the results of WWII were already a foregone conclusion (Argentina was the last, March 27, 1945), it might be plausible that this was only done to placate the powerful Allies, but they'd still welcome German immigration, allow the Germans to establish their own German-speaking colonies, if it were done discreetly, and be ecstatic if the Germans brought technology, industry and know-how to build up a new German industry.

In fact, if it were claimed that the government of one or more of these countries were secretly sympathetic to the German and Nazi cause and intended to ally with senior German figures to build up an Aryan Reich in exile, as a counterweight to the eventual Eastern (Communist) attempt to conquer the West, that wouldn't immediately sound wrong. Indeed, this is merely an exaggeration of the truth and an exaggeration that many people continue to believe today, let alone in the 40s and 50s.

Furthermore, as few individual recruits needed to know how many others were going, people wouldn't even have to accept any implausible numbers of total German immigration to the new colonies in the last days of the Reich. Every late-stage recruit chosen for valuable skills rather than pure Aryan blood, völkisch Nazi beliefs and SS ideological purity, until they commit and see the truth, can believe that they are among the last few to escape, by U-boat, jet plane or whatever, and that the others have already been evacuated by ship, plane and subterfuge through neutral countries.
Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
You're definitely going to need layers.

To make it more difficult, the kind of science that might make a cover story close to the truth - quantum mechanics and/or parallel worlds - has been denounced as "Jewish Science," which makes it implausible for the SS to be using.
Indeed, sadly so.

However, I note that by January 1945, there are many scientists, engineers and other necessary experts attached to the Antarctic Space Nazi colony project and that it was functionally impossible to ensure ideological purity. Sincere patriotism, apolitical acceptance of authority combined with extreme dedication to their field or perceived personal trustworthiness were quite enough for someone with truly vital expertise to be brought on as the project went on and the scale of the challenges became evident.

Indeed, by the end of 1944, the pragmatic administrators among the senior Antarctic Space Nazi leadership would have taken any expert with the required knowledge and experience, as long as they judged they would obey orders and not reveal vital secrets, no matter their politics. Creating a new industry on a world with nothing but primitive 'savages' is a hard enough challenge to make the saner among them reach for every potential advantage. After all, the better the planning and execution of the plan for industrial rebuilding, the more comfort and luxury, not to mention power, the ASNs will know in their new homes.

Dorsch was a very competent administrator, whatever else he was, and he built the Autobahns without caring all that much about why people did their jobs, as long as they did. Hans Kammler seems to have been more concerned with efficiency and security than making sure every important scientist or engineer had the right Party background. Gottlob Berger believed strongly in Nazi principles, but was willing to recruit almost anyone, regardless of background, and trust that they could be indoctrinated later.

Even Oswald Pohl, monster that he was, cared more about the job he was doing getting done right than any kind of ideological purity and complained bitterly when mass executions and indiscriminate mistreatment of valuable workers reduced the efficiency of his business empire. All four of these men and a number of others in the higher echelon of ASN leadership would probably find some way to employ the talents of any potential recruit they felt would constitute a net gain for the Neue Reich, regardless of personal feelings about their political beliefs.

Indeed, industrualists who were brought into the preparations for the ASN colonies through the Freundeskreis der Wirtschaft and anyone recruited through connections with such men are more likely to prioritize administrative ability, engineering knowledge and technical skill than political factors like orthodox Nazism. Many of the industrialists were loyal citizens of the Weimar Republic until that didn't pay, Nazis when it suited them and good Germans 'who never knew' after the war. Most of them were anti-communist, some of them were nationalists, quite a few were anti-Semities, but their leading political philosophy was self-interest.

Managers, board members and other senior figures of German industry who had been brought into the secret at the latter stages to allow the ASNs access to the resources they control will want to bring family, friends and valued employees. They'll want to enjoy comfort, luxuries, wealth and power in the new worlds, which means that they'd need to bring as many of their top experts as possible, to ensure that they'll succeed at their goals of creating a new German industry within their lifetimes. Politics hardly rates in comparison to the fear of failure and becoming, gasp, poor.

So there would have been at least some people involved in the ASN project for some time before the final settlement who were simply technical experts in various fields and not dedicated Nazis. Maybe they were not among the first to know in 1943, but certainly some required experts who lived in Germany, but were working on ASN scientific or engineering projects, would start to suspect as their work progressed and by 1944, especially the end of 1944, increasing numbers of the scientists and engineers working for the ASNs would know about Jötunheim and Germania Hyperborea.

These people could visit friends at Mauser, or anywhere they had friends with similar backgrounds and education that they felt were necessary for the new colony, and sound them out about becoming an Antarctic Space Nazi. Such more-or-less apolitical experts might have been willing to make statements in private that did not reflect orthodox Nazi positions on science. Especially if they had personal experience of other worlds and were assured by the leadership of the SS that as long as they kept to some kind of cover story that didn't mention some very secret things (many of which were too occult for people with a scientific worldview, who stood outside the inner circle of Black Knights and magicians, to know about anyway), they were allowed to recruit trusted friends with vital skills.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Probably the best bet. A jet-powered ultra-high-altitude aircraft, concealed in some way from radar, might be salable.
And those who didn't buy U-boats or jet planes might buy a scaled-down version of the truth, i.e. an energy source discovered as part of Wunderwaffen research that enabled instantaneous travel between two places linked by abtruse physics concepts, possibly involving words from Jewish science like quantum, but this was okay, because it was a good German version of science. Or indeed, just science without nationality in itself, but discovered by Germans, and wasn't it better that Germans should have the technology than the Soviets or even the Americans?

Lead them to believe the new physics makes it possible to travel to a secret base in Antarctica even as the Allied armies were closing in on them in these last days. From there they would travel to their true destination, implied to be either a 'mundane' secret Nazi colony in Argentina or Chile or a true new world, if the prospective recruit seemed more likely to accept this (or was in a position where they needed to know the true constraints on their supplies and the conditions in the colony to be useful).
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