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Default The World of das Zentrum der neuen Welt and Erbhof Land Grants

One of the most remarkable things about the otherworldly colonies of the Antarctic Space Nazi is the miraculous demiplane that seems to have sprung into existence as a physical manifestation of the most fervent and feverish völkisch fantasies on behalf of the SS inner circle.

It appears as idealized Westphalian countryside around the otherworldly mirror of the castle of Wewelsburg (somehow not only existing there in another world, but existing in the finished form that the SS never managed to complete). Its extent is as far as the Exernsteine to the north and a great Irminsul to the south-east, for about a 30 km radius from the apparent center, by the date of settlement in 1945.

This includes the area where Nazis (and many others, but not Mommsen) considered the Battle of Teutoburg Forest to have taken place, but not the currently accepted site, at Kalkriese, which is further north in Saxony. It would, however, no doubt please the ASNs to know that there are still serious historians today who argue for a different location for the battle, including at least one, Peter Oppitz, who places it smack-dab in the middle of the ASNs capital.

The Antarctic Space Nazis dubbed their otherworldly Last Redoubt das Zentrum der neuen Welt and the magical-mirror of the castle the Wahr Wewelsburg. The Reichsführer-SS and the Reichsbauernführer of the Antarctic Space Nazis promulgated and enforced a doctrine where SS men and other citizens of favored status in das Neues Reich der Schwarzen Sonne would come into an Erbhof in this new world upon reaching the age of majority, a family farm ranging from 7.5 hectares of good farmland for some ordinary citizens to up to 100 hectares or more for senior SS figures.

The demiplane is illuminated by the strange rays of the Black Sun, Santur, and outside the rich farmland, idyllic meadows, beautiful hills and mountain springs teaming with fish, there is simply mysterious wilderness in increasingly thick fog. Anyone who walks too far from the Wahr Wewelsburg will get lost in a thick forest and usually turn up approaching the settlements around the castle from another direction.

Natural laws here are deeply strange and seem to follow mythic truths rather than mundane physics. Through some mysterious means, the usable land available grows slowly and new land ready for crops turns up every planting season, with the misty forests around receding slowly. About half the land thus revealed will be rich farmland, the rest various other terrain that suits an idealised Westphalia.

The farmland is truly excellent farmland, not only boasting rich soil and ideal weather for classic Westphalian crops, but also enjoying what amounts to Bless Plants magical effects for every harvest, as the result of SS ceremonies carried out on various significant dates. Even with only TL2 farming methods, it would feed a family on only one hectare and the ASN did not have to go all the way back to TL2 farming, even if they had to accept that tractors and other TL7 farming methods would not be practical for the first generation or two.

For the first year of settlement, the ASNs ate better than most people in wartime Germany ate for the entire war and the food production has grown vastly since then. In the Year 51 of settlement, the Zentrum der neuen Welt demiplane can still produce enough food to feed the entire four million strong population of das Neues Reich der Schwarzen Sonne, both slave and free. Which does not mean that Germania Hyperborea does not produce food, because they do (and could be self-sufficient if they tried), but simply that the ASNs have achieved a very nice food surplus which enables them to live in considerable luxury and trade all sorts of foodstuffs with lower TL neighbours.

By the the Year 51, the settlements on this rarefied realm extend in a circle about hundred kilometers in radius around Wahr Wewelsburg and therefore actually includes pretty much all locations proposed for the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. The most desirable arable land in the demiplane has so far grown fast enough to barely keep pace with the population growth of the Deutschblütig citizens (as the descendants of the original settlers are called) of the Neue Reich, but ASN population growth has been more or less exponential, whereas the growth of arable land on the demiplane does not seem to be, at least not to the same degree.

It's becoming increasingly clear that new Erbhof grants are now including more marginal land as 'farmland' to make up the minimal size of 7.5 hectares and by the time all the Deutschblütig children alive today reach the age of majority, there will not be enough prime farmland for even half of them. How this will be solved is a major political issue in ASN society.

Compounding the problem is that only a quarter of adult Deutschblütig citizens actually live on the demiplane and that most of the land there is practically speaking controlled by SS men who descend from the original farmers there. Many of those citizens who live in Germania Hyperborea and Jötunheim have leased out their land, going around the intent of the Erbhof legislation, to family members or neighbours who work it as part of their own lands. This is creating a class of SS farming magnates even at the center of ASN power, which runs directly counter to the intentions of the SS leadership for a strong soldier-peasantry.

Worse, the SS itself has made it clear that they do not consider even Deutschblütig citizens who are not SS members worthy of living around their cultic center of Wahr Wewelsburg, which means that in practical terms, the only Wehrbauern living there are members of the SS. Ordinary ASN citizens who want to farm lease their Erbhof land out to an SS member and use the proceeds to set up farming operations on Germania Hyperborea, where it is true that the yield is not as good, but they can get much more land and either have a lot of slaves or, as is increasingly becoming more popular, just hire one of the many locals who belong to allied tribes and are willing to work for the ASNs for what are much higher wages than the average farmer makes at TL2.

There is still a problem with how the ASN public perceives the SS, as the average SS man personally owns an Erbhof of 75 hectares, which is ten times the size of the Erbhof of an ordinary citizen, and most of them control much more land than that. At minimum, a husband and wife will combine their lands and often one of several brothers will function effectively as a manager for the rest. As families tend to be large and as the most senior SS men will tend to have many direct descendants who have reached the age of majority, this means that there are among the leadership of the SS men who control 'family farms' that employ thousands of people and have crop yields enough to feed tens of thousands.

Most of the actual farmers on das Zentrum der neuen Welt are ASN citizens descended from 'Aryan' slaves, who are working farms owned by SS 'Junkers', who might or might not also work at the farm. In the last twenty years, the increased industrialization of the ASN society has allowed much larger farms to be managed by fewer people and the 'average' farm on das Zentrum der neuen Welt is around 500-1,000 hectares and about 50-100 people live on each farm, with less than a third being slaves. Such a farm will also employ some 200+ workers who do not live on the farm, but walk in every day from their homes on Jötunheim and Germania Superior.

Even this is deceptive, as it is typical for four or five 'average' farms owned by SS men to be run as more or less one unit, as the owners are all closely related and some siblings will spend more of their time home as estate managers and others will spend a greater proportion of time away on military service or holding a political post in the ASN government.

As it is so easy to travel to the das Zentrum der neuen Welt through the gates from the primary settlements on Germania Superior and Jötunheim, hundreds of thousands of people live there and walk or ride to work on SS owned farms through the gates, which are growing ever more numerous in das Zentrum der neuen Welt, though most of them open somewhere near the first settlements on Germania Superior and Jötunheim. This heavy foot traffic takes care of the logistics of getting food out of das Zentrum der neuen Welt to the other settlemements and moving manufactured goods, fuel and other necessities there.

Before the easier availability of power and mechanized agricultural implements to the ASNs allowed them to start to re-invent the farming revolution that Germany experienced in the early 20th century (albeit greener and cleaner), there were twice as many free farm workers and three times as many slaves on each farm, with 200+ people living on each 'farm', which means that the farms had already become the equivalent of noble family estates only a generation after the first settlement.

Successful farmers on Germania Hyperborea usually complain that the SS farms are badly undermanned and yield much less than they theoretically could, due to the romantic fancies of SS leaders and their unwillingness to have their perfect cult center spoilt. They never complain loudly, however.
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