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Default Re: Season 1 Promos/Variants

Phat Pack Promos:

126 Net Benefit
127 Overcharging Rhino
128 Bluebirds of Bitterness
129 House Hunting
130 Boot to the Head
131 Contingency Plank
132 Asplode
133 Upgrade
134 Roar!
135 Sonic Shield
136 Grabby
137 Law of the Jungle

Other Promo Cards:
305 Potted Plant & 125 Dorksteel Hat - Originally received these from in store events, but I've also received them in orders from Warehouse 23.

Jumbo Hero Cards - these were given out at in store events as prizes.
There is also an MIB Wanderer Jumbo card, which I received at a convention

Foil Hero cards were originally sold at the Munchkin Tavern during Gen Con 2018. They are currently available for purchase at Warehouse 23:

Tardigrade Wanderer: I've also received this with an order from Warehouse 23.

125 Dead Horse - Packed in with full box of Grave Danger card packs

127 Ping, 128 Jeff, 129 Rarity Schmarity, 130 Thingamabob, 131 Malfunctional Machete, 132 Pick-Up Bar, 133 Infinitesimal Gauntlet, 135 Magic Whacker, 136 The Power of Love, 137 Lame Duck: I've seen them as event prizes, convention promos, or Warehouse 23 order promos

I have not seen the following in any capacity: 306 Goldfish Wanderer (B&W), 307 Goldfish Wanderer (x), 125 Dazzlers, 126 Pro Matt, 134 Can Opener

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