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Default Re: grappling & posture and grappling & letting go

Originally Posted by zedlopez View Post

Given that Change Posture isn't proscribed for those who are grappled, is there any reason you couldn't stalemate someone trying to pin you by Changing Posture to Kneeling after each time you're taken down, other than the fact that a stalemate does nothing to change your being grappled and in a vulnerable situation?
Nothing prevents that. This is one of many problems that GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling attempts to rectify. Without those rules, the puzzle is that there's no way to prevent somebody from taking a Change Posture maneuver unless you've pinned them.

Under just the rules in the Basic Set, most pins happen after somebody has suffered stun and knockdown, allowing an enemy time to grapple and pin them while they're unable to get up. Pins can also happen when someone uses multiple attacks after an earlier grapple to do something like "takedown and pin," "sweep and pin," or "Judo throw and pin." The case where somebody suffers a takedown and decides to do something that involves staying on the ground, giving their foe a chance to try a pin next turn, is pretty rare.
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