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As recently announced, we are focusing on our core games and adapting our operations to better fit today's shifting market. As part of the change in our schedule, we are closing down Pyramid magazine later this year. The December 2018 issue will be the final issue of the magazine, and effective immediately, we are no longer accepting subscriptions.

Existing subscribers, in January 2019, will be given the choice of a refund (delivered by check) for unfulfilled issues or, if they wish, two times the refund value in Warehouse 23 credit. Each subscriber will receive an email late this year with instructions on how to claim their refund or store credit.

Closing down Pyramid will give our team more time to spend on the GURPS game, producing more PDFs and bringing more out-of-print GURPS books back to print through the GURPS On Demand program. Additionally, this will give the team time to explore the thousands of Pyramid articles that we have published since 1993 and select the best works that are worthy of compilation, expansion, and update to the GURPS 4th edition rules.

Thank you for years of support. We will miss Pyramid, but there's nothing stopping us from bringing the magazine back when the market changes again. Steve Jackson Games has been here for decades, and we will continue to do what we need to do to publish games for many years to come.
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