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Default Re: The 2018 Digital Release Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Proteus View Post

But we've been told that PK is writing this project, and VDS (written by David Pulver) would be a job involving only editing.

I'm still of the mind that it's the long-stalled GURPS Girl Genius.
Both of these projects could be characterized as "long-stalled":
  • GURPS Vehicle Design¹ was outlined in 2003, the subject of contract negotiations in 2004, officially on the books in 2005, and approaching a playtest-worthy draft in 2006 . . . after which it went through various iterations of playtesting, rewriting, and editing for 11 years.

  • The Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game² was imagined in 2002, was officially on the books in 2005, and has been through the hands of several writing teams, with a hard stop for a while in 2009, followed by slow, slow progress for nine years.
Hard to say who wins.

Anyway, no, PK is not editing GURPS Vehicle Design. He is indeed writing. Whether he's writing the Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game, I leave to speculation. The last time people thought that, it turned out he was writing GURPS Mars Attacks.

1. Not "GURPS Vehicles" or "GURPS Vehicle Design System," for those looking to get the title right.
2. Not "GURPS Girl Genius," for those wondering, "GURPS sourcebook or Powered by GURPS game?"
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