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Default I'll Scout Ahead!

Octavian Kreel

246 Human Scout

Octavian Kreel was born on a campsite near a battlefield on the outskirts of a forest. At the time of his birth there was an eclipse that shrouded the area in darkness, his father fell in battle at that moment and so he was raised by his mother and uncle. He has one Clear skyblue eye and one emerald eye. His mother never had anymore children. While growing up his uncle showed him everything he could, He was the best blacksmith in the region, people would come to him for work. His mother was a noblewoman and also provided what she could, but being single and refusing to remarry did not make things easy, if not for her brother being a famous blacksmith she would have been drowning with proposals (he was a big cranky looking guy).

He would argue with his uncle from time to time about what he should do with his life, wanting to wander the countryside than play politics. One day while traveling with his uncle they cross paths with a Flesh eating ape, Octavian was ahead of his uncle because he always felt he was good enough to travel alone at such a young age, forcing him to hold his own against it until his uncle could catch up. He lost several fingers on his left hand and his uncle was gravely injured. When they returned they no longer talked to each other. His uncle was forced to close shop and fell ill soon after. A year later he passed away. Surprisingly he left a deed to a tower on a far mountain to Octavian. It is known to be in ruins and not habitable (due to monsters). He also left him custom made gear, the last things he made, and his father's warbow fixed. After that he took up a job as a nobles huntsman for a time. He started to keep to himself as well, becoming more serious as time went on. He then served in the military for 2 years before finally coming home for a little while.

After a few more years he learns that he is a lost heir to a castle that was once owned by his father’s family. His cousin on his father's side has control of it, and is trying to get rid of him to keep it for himself. Octavian would not have mind, but since his cousin is trying to make his life hard Octavian will have to fight back, but first he needs allies and money!

ST 11 [10]
DX 14 [80]
IQ 11 [20]
HT 12 [20]

Secondary Characteristics:
HP 11 [0]
Will 11 [0]
Per 14 [15]
FP 12 [0]

Damage 1d-1/1d+1
BL 24 lbs.

Basic Speed 7.00 [10]
Basic Move 7 [0].

Combat Reflexes [15]
Fit [5]
Heroic Archer [20]
Night Vision 3 [3]
Outdoorsman 2 [20]
Rapid Healing [5]
Signature Gear (Bow) [1]
Strongbow [1]
Telescopic Vision 2 [10]
Weapon Bond (Bow)[1]

Callous [‑5]
Overconfidence [‑5*]
Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) [‑5]
No Sense of Humor [‑10]
Vow (Own no more than what can be carried) [‑10]
Code of Honor (Soldier’s) [‑10]
Loner [‑5*]

Determined [‑1]
Disciplined [‑1]
Tries to hide his hand with the missing fingers [‑1]
Hates apes of any kind [‑1]
Plays with his bow when bored [-1]

Armory (Missile Weapons)-10 [1]
Bow-18/19 [16]
Brawling-14 [1]
Camouflage‑14† [2]
Cartography-12 [4]
Climbing-13 [1]
Fast-Draw (Arrow)-14 [1]
Fast-Draw (sword)-14 [1]
First Aid-11 [1]
Gesture-12 [2]
Hiking-12 [2]
Knife-14 [1]
Knot-Tying-14 [1]
Mimicry (Bird Calls)‑12† [2]
Navigation‑12† [1]
Observation‑14 [2]
Shadowing-12 [4]
Shield-16 [4]
Shortsword-16 [8]
Stealth-14 [2]
Survival (Forest)‑15† [1]
Tracking‑16† [2]
Traps-12 [4]
Wrestling-13 [1]

† Includes +2 for Outdoorsman.

53.7 lbs

Composite Bow (ST 13). 1d+3 imp, Acc 3, Range 260/325, Shots 1(2), Bulk ‑7. $900, 4 lbs.
Large Knife. 1d-1 cut (reach C, 1) or 1d-1 imp (reach C). $40, 1 lbs.
Shortsword. 1d+1 cut (reach 1) or 1d imp (reach 1). $400, 2 lbs.

Small Shield. DB 1. $40, 8 lbs.

Clothing. $0, 2 lbs.
Light Leather Armor, Suit, w. Fortify +1. DR 2. $1150, 18 lbs.

Hip Quiver, Large. Holds 50 arrows or bolts. Two compartments. $30, 2 lbs.
Arrows, Bodkin Point, Fine x20. Damage becomes 1d+4 (2) pi. $120, 2 lbs.
Arrows, Fine x20. Damage becomes 1d+4 imp. $120, 2 lbs.

Backpack, Small. Holds 40 lbs. of gear. $60, 3 lbs.
Canteen, Full. 1 quart water. $10, 3 lbs.
Rope, 3/8”. Supports 300 lbs. 10 yards: $5, 1.5 lbs.
First Aid Kit. Complete kit for treating wounds. +1 to First Aid skill. $50, 2 lbs

Pouch. Holds 3 lbs. of small items. $10, 0.2 lbs. (3 lbs)
Elven Rations, x4. $60, 2 lbs.
Personal Basics. $5, 1 lb.
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