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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

Corco's Villa

The villa itself is a pocket dimension run by one "Corco" and his seemingly innumerable family. Built like a Mediterranean Villa, Corco and his family seem unable to leave the place but have godlike powers within it, excellent intel on other worlds, and the ability to pick up and drop off voluntary travelers from the rest of the multiverse.

Other worlds are accessed through an extensive library full of books on other worlds (some kept magically up to date), globes, maps, models, and so forth. The methods of travel are varied, but all keyed to some object.

Corco takes an active interest in the multiverse, and is constantly ferrying people from one place to another. His actions are generally just giving transportation and information to the others he moves. He usually confines movement to "heroic" types, but he has a wide range of worlds (and thus heroes) to choose from.

There is much speculation on his motives. He could just be looking out for the best interests of the multiverse. He could he trying to generate psychic energy with all of the heroic acts he enables and using it for some purpose. He could just enjoy the company of the folks he moves around. It is known he portrays himself differently to different individuals.


Corco's villa was designed as a more "universal" base for ISWAT to operate out of. It has heavy elements of the crosstime saloon, but with a very different flavor. While designed to be heroic, very little needs to be changed to turn the villa into a villain. Possibilities involve him being just as willing to move around necromancers and rouge AI's as heroes, just as long as a good conflict/story result, or him supporting roman/italian dominance through the multiverse.
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