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Default GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders

Safety in numbers
Seemed so unnecessary
Until the first night
— Scrawled in blood near a lone corpse
When the world has been overturned and remade in a new image, there will always be brave adventurers willing to journey forth -- to explore it, conquer it, or save it. And GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders is your guide to creating these heroes. Each of its eight templates comes with a choice of skill-sets to allow incredible customization. You don't just build "a doc," you build "a doc who's a chemist" or "a doc who's a shrink." And in a higher-powered game, the selection of lenses gives you even more ways to make your explorer stand out!

But you need more than a character to survive in this new world, so Wastelanders has all of the rules that matter to your hero personally. Learn how fatigue, starvation, dehydration, and missed sleep have been dramatically simplified, to be easily tracked but no less of a hazard. If your world was nuked, you'll love new mechanics that make radiation exposure as simple to note as injury . . . and if you ended up with mutations, those are all here as well! The economics of a world without Wealth are explored in depth, with simple rules for starting equipment, assigning value to items, and the "bullet standard" for bartering. And since we're already on the topic of gear, you get rules for using it, including reloading ammo, finding ways to fuel your vehicle, and grabbing the nearest improvised weapon.

Today is the beginning of GURPS After the End, a new series for running fun, exciting post-apocalyptic games about exploring the wasteland. The New World is full of danger and glory, the Old World is a source of mystery and reward, and your adventurers are ready to journey forth and take control of their own destiny. Good luck!

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