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Brother Man's armaments:

A staff which can be fitted with an assortment of interchangeable spearheads, as suits the vulnerabilities Brother Man discovers for various monsters. Spearheads suitable to the monsters he expects to encounter are generally carried on his belt. Stats: treat as a fine, balanced, concealable, titanium spear. With the head removed, it looks and functions just like a staff. This weapon is purchased with Signature Gear, and is the subject of Manuel's Weapon Bond.

A set of Bolas, made from steel cables for extra strength. Manuel normally carries two of these, also on his belt.

His old friend's bible, with his friend's notes along with his own additions. Treat as an aged holy symbol. Bought with Signature Gear.

A set of fine, balanced, titanium javelins, including a number made of various esoteric materials. Normally stored in his house, unless he is specifically hunting something.

When hunting, Manuel wears a long leather coat, which conceals his weaponry. He his bare-headed, booted, and gloved. He wears military style ballistic goggles to correct his nearsightedness when hunting, and ordinary prescription lenses otherwise.

In a fight, Manuel prefers to bring down his targets with bolas and javelins, and deliver the coup de grace with his spear. If caught off guard in close quarters he fights defensively with staff techniques.
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