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Backstory (subject to change as appropriate):

Manuel "Brother Man" Prys

Age: 32

Appearance: Black male of average height and weight, bearded with wild hair. Fairly muscular. Black hair edged with gray. Similar to this guy but with the scars of a more troubled life.

Current Residence: Portsmouth, in the vicinity of McCoy Park, in a rented house.

Family: His parents live in Redding, and he has a sister who lives with her husband in Sacramento.

Biography: Manuel "Brother Man" Prys was born in San Francisco, California, to fairly privileged parents. He attended Humbolt University, pursuing a degree in Native American Studies. During this time he dabbled in the occult and Native American spiritualism, along with some of his fellow students. Life took an unexpected turn for him when some of his friends vanished while seeking out a sacred place in the Yosemite, only to be found dead some weeks later in what was deemed a bear attack. Disillusioned with life, he dropped out of college and spent the next year and a half drifting from place to place. During this time, he was brought to the Christian faith by an acquaintance he worked with in the Conservation Corps. Filled with a new purpose, Manuel agreed to assist his new friend in upcoming ministry efforts in Oregon, but decided to go back to Humboldt to finish his studies first. Before Manuel could join his partner, he saw his partner on the news as having been found dead on the banks of the Willamette River. Hurrying to Portland, he found his partner's house looted and trashed, but untouched was his partner's bible, in the margins of which he found an account of the web of horrors that his partner had found himself caught up in. Beginning with this information, Manuel began a quest to hunt down and destroy the evil that prowled the streets.

Officially, he is an urban evangelist who works with troubled youths in the city of Portland, supported by contributions from various area churches. Unofficially, even the local gang bosses come to him when they have trouble with things that are uncanny.

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