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Default Re: No More Room in Hell (Zombie Apocalypse): [Recruitment]

Trent Bauer

Trent grew up in a suburb of Cincinati OH. At an early age he showed unsual talent for athletics. He spent most of his time playing sports and very little time studying. However, since he was the star quarterback of the best team in southern Ohio, his school overlooked that. It also helped his father was a successful Lawyer. Trent pretty much had everything he wanted and everything handed to him. Until one day when his parents died in a car accident. Trent moved in with his Grandma. He quickly did not get along with her since she wouldn't spoil him. One day he got the bright idea he would try out for the Jacksonville Jaguars because hey he was the Trentster...they had to take him.

However, all the money his parents had was tied up in a trust fund he could touch until he was 21. So he "borrowed" his grandma's SUV and $4000 from her top drawer (while she was passed out drunk...granny never drank till Trent moved in...#Shrug#) and headed for Florida.

Trent's Ties to Helen:
When arriving in Florida he had no money left after spending it all on the way down to Florida (not some much that he couldn't stop off at Costco for a case of power bars and Gatorade). He was new in town and had to sleep in his grandmas SUV. Helen saw him one day and offered to put him up. Basically she helped him when he was down. Eventhough he is chauvanistic she saw past that (because she was a saint) and gave him a chance. He got close to her (as close and Trent can get to someone in his mind) and felt obligated to come to her funeral.

Just realized his height and weight are all off on his sheet. he is 6'2" and 190 lbs....stupid GCS randomly chooses height and weight.

Character sheet
You can get more with a 2X4 and a kind word then with just a kind word!

Randal Kane - Trent Bauer

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