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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Skull crusher, you need a story for your character. Is he the result of a lab or a wizardly group?

As far as secrete organizations go, the situation is so: there are no dominating organizations. Secrete societies are a dime a dozen though: most immortals head one and Wizards seem to form them spontaneously. The government does not create any (though it may be infiltrated by some and the Vatican may or may not be an exception). Within that scope, feel free to play around and build your group: its makeup, Its purpose, Its motives, its location, and its modus operandi.
He was created in a lab. His patron is a group made up of scientists and businessmen whose lives were all affected by supernatural events in a bad way. They pooled thier resources to create a force to combat the evil forces of the supernatural. Randal was an ex-Soldier whose family was killed by Fae and volunteered to be the one who went through the tranformation.
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