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Default Re: Ship of The Line and lose Navy Class

I'm rescinding my previous ruling to this extent: you MAY have a Ship, Steed, or Vehicle in play and unequipped, either because you cannot currently use it or because you just don't want to. However, this does not override the rule about only having one in play at a time; if you have an unequipped Steed, you cannot play another one without getting rid of the first one.

Furthermore, I'm ruling that a Steed/Ship/Vehicle that is in play and unequipped DOES count against your Big items, because "it carries itself" is a function of a Steed/Ship/Vehicle that is currently equipped, not an inherent feature of the card type. So if you are forced to unequip a Steed (etc.) and you already have another Big item in play, you have to resolve the conflict before doing anything else.
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