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Default Re: Space Ruins [OCC]

Okay I've come up with a mission specialist.

A gadgeteer who can work with alien stuff is a good idea.
A engineer(Mechanic) who can safely burrow through space ship walls and repair things is a good idea. Both Hyperspace and life support are particularly good ideas.
An electronic surveillance/gadget dude is a good idea

scientists who understand the roots of precursor and cutting edge tech (Hyperdrives, Nanotech, Genegeneering, gravity manipulation) are a great idea.
A guy who is at home in naked space is a good idea. some free fall experience is desirable for everyone.

[Edit] Background: Academic/Civilian [/Edit]

She doesn't know the Genegeneering part and I'm not sure how well she'd fit in with any group. But this is my initial concept. You may also want Gadeteer toned down to the [25] point level. The [50] point one is pretty ridiculous but you specifically mentioned, "A gadgeteer who can work with alien stuff is a good idea." She also has no combat abilities to speak of. Fortunately she's rich enough to build/buy some good armor if none is provided.


Inventor! Post as per Eric's request.
Basically says Inventor! does not cover Bioengeneering, Computer Programing (except inasmuch as is need to make invented items work,) and Expert Skills relating to precurser tech. Which leaves it covering Armoury, Electrician, Electronics Repair, Engineer, Explosives, Machinist, Mathematics (Applied Mathematics), Mechanic, Metallurgy, Smith, Traps, and any Expert skills relevant to recognizing and identifying technological devices, except precurser tech. In settings where Weird Science is a valid skill, this includes its technological applications. This isn't one of those Weird Science settings.
If I paraphrased incorrectly please be sure to correct me Eric.
TJ, O, J, Alex

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