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Default Re: Question about homing weapon lock on


I got the answer from Kromm!

Originally Posted by Kromm
The rules are meant to be taken literally:

1. The attack uses this sense for the purpose of combat modifiers.

2. To "lock on," you must Aim at the target and make an unmodified skill roll. Do not roll against your skill to hit. Instead, use the attack's skill of 10 plus Accuracy, if you made your skill roll and ignore all range penalties.

Thus, all the roll is 10 + Accuracy. The only penalties that apply are those that would jam the homing sense: darkness/fog for vision, jamming for radar, and so on. You specifically ignore range and speed.

Originally Posted by Kromm
Oh, and I ignored the most important part: "Lock on" rolls aren't modified. Lock on is just an Aim maneuver where you have to roll against skill. This is a roll to properly use the equipment.
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